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Rider of Darkness Press


Album: Rider of Darkness, Path of Light


Principal Performers: Nicholas Isherwood, bass baritone; the Talea Ensemble with David Fulmer, conductor; Jason Hardink, piano; Kirsten Ashley Wiest, soprano

Other Performers: Mark Robson, piano; Barry Crawford, flute; Stuart Breczinski, oboe; Marianne Gythfeldt, clarinet; John Gattis, horn; Matthew Gold, percussion; Alex Lipowski, percussion; Lauren Cauley, violin; Elizabeth Weisser, viola; Chris Gross, violoncello; Greg Chudzik, contrabass; Tara Schwab, flute; Yuri Inoo, percussion; Michael Kudirka, guitar; Jeffrey Holmes, conductor

Record Label: MicroFest Records

Catalog Number: M·F 15

UPC: 843563132081

Release date: December 11, 2020

Format: Digital and Compact Disc

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Press Contact: John Schneider

johnoschneider [at] hot mail dot com

Rider of Darkness, Path of Light

The music of Jeffrey Holmes


Composer Jeffrey Holmes’ creative inspiration is rooted in primitive myths, transcendent legends, and dramatic elemental landscapes in their primal and violent natural states. A dramatic & esoteric journey through mysterious mythological realms of imagination, RIDER OF DARKNESS, PATH OF LIGHT evokes natural landscapes united by themes of isolation, primordial struggle & conflict, death, and the Beyond. These premiere recordings feature virtuoso performances by Nicholas Isherwood, the Talea Ensemble, Jason Hardink, Kirsten Ashley Wiest, and many others in a collection of provocative vocal, chamber, and solo compositions.

Track Listing

|1| Urðarmána [Moon of Fate] 2012 (12:37)

|2| Hagall (Haglaz) [Hail] 2015 (20:08)

|3| Thund [Thundering Waters] 2018 (11:27)

Myrkriða, Ljósleiðá [Rider of Darkness, Path of Light] 2016 (25:38)

|4| Nátta (Night Falling)

|5| Myrkrida I (Rider of Darkness I)

|6| Dagan (Daybreak)

|7| Ljósleida I (Path of Light I)

|8| Mydr Nott (Middle of the Night)

|9| Myrkrida II (Rider of Darkness II)

|10| Haugaeldr (Grave Fire)

|11| Ljósleida II (Path of Light II)

|12| Myrkrida III (Rider of Darkness III)

|13| Ótta (Last Part of the Night)

|14| Myrkr (Darkness)

|15| Ljósleida III (Path of Light III)

|16| Sjóborg (Sunset)

|17| Hljodr (Silence)

|18| Lykd_Upphaf (End_Beginning)