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Circle Limit III



Circle Limit III

M·F 17

Liner Notes




Nicholas Deyoe • Gabriel Deutsch • Marc Nimoy • Felix Salazar • Eric Kiersnowski • Jeremy Kerner • JohnPaul Trotter • Andrew Lee

Ever wonder what a M.C. Escher woodcut sounds like? California composer Daniel Corral figured 8 electric guitars would do the trick, and premiered the piece in front of Frank Gehry’s iconic Disney Concert Hall to celebrate the LA Philharmonic’s 100th birthday. Now we have a studio recording where the Los Angeles Electric 8 do for the ears what Escher does for the eyes.

LA Times’ Mark Swed called Circle Limit III a “…a stunning wall of sound as aural complement to Gehry’s steel, ” and Sequenza 21 said “…Circle Limit III, by Daniel Corral, gracefully flowed outward in a warm ambient wash. The piece was never static… with the sound rising, falling and slowly shimmering in the bright afternoon sunshine. The harmonies were lush and comforting and… Circle Limit III was perfectly chosen for the sidewalk and fully captured the imagination of the crowd…”