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Guitars & Gamelan

Guitars & Gamelan
Alves Guitar Concerto4


Guitars & Gamelan

MยทF 8

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Electric and acoustic guitars join the gongs, percussion, and explosive rhythms of Indonesian gamelan orchestras. From the flashy Angin Listrik, which evokes an electrical storm, to the blistering Rational Basis to the rocking Metalloid, inspired by, of all things, the periodic table of the elements, these new compositions range from delicate to wailing, gritty to glowing. The premiere recording of a concerto for refretted acoustic guitar and the luminous gongs and metallophones of the gamelan features Grammy winner John Schneider. Composer Bill Alves has been exploring such vibrant hybrids for decades since his studies in gamelan music on the islands of Java and Bali, and his groundbreaking work in electronic music. Guitarists Sean Hayward and Nat Condit-Schultz, the powerful Los Angeles Electric 8 guitar octet, two different California gamelans, and an electronic music ensemble create a combustible combination of acoustic and electric sounds, Eastern and Western music.