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10000 Things

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The 10,000 Things

The I-Ching Edition

M·F 2

Liner Notes



What inspired this recording was the recent discovery of a long lost 1962 recording of the composer reading his 45’ for a Speaker, and the recent technical ability to present these five compositions in every conceivable combination, resulting in an infinitude of variations, as per the composer’s wishes.

While the CD presents just one of an infinite number of possible realizations, the special I Ching Edition enables the performance of any one of the (5) solo works alone; or if one chooses, in any combination, also making possible (10) duos, (10) trios, (5) quartets, and (1) quintet. And each performance itself is recombinant, that is, the 28 sections of each composition are rearranged such that they are played back in a different order, while the spaces between the sections are also altered. That makes (31) completely different compositions, in glorious 24bit/96Khz High Resolution sound: only the solo works retain their original form – all else changes.

As part of Jacaranda Music’s Cage 100 Festival, these performers (with the producer taking Cage’s part) premiered The Ten Thousand Things at the Santa Monica Bay Woman’s Club where Cage gave his first public performance in 1932:

“Pianists Vicki Ray and (Aron) Kallay, bassist Tom Peters, percussionist William Winant and reciter John Schneider were exquisite. Every sound sounded considered, alive, worthy of our wonder.” Mark Swed, L.A. Times