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M·F 21

Liner Notes



Ambisonance: Instruments and Music by Cris Forster


Acoustic music continues to evolve in the workshop, study, and studio of Cris Forster: builder, acoustician, composer, and musician. Kindred spirit to history’s finest musical craftsmen (Stradivari, Cristofori, Sax), Forster created his ensemble of ten extraordinary acoustic instruments to facilitate the intimate exploration of sound. His work revitalizes the quest for new resonant sources, essential to human music making.

This anthology of music constitutes an outpouring from Forster’s lifelong devotion to his art. The eleven compositions chosen for this album are excerpted from two larger works and played by members of the Chrysalis Ensemble on

Chrysalis I, Harmonic/Melodic Canon, Bass Canon, Diamond Marimba II, Bass Marimba, Just Keys, and Glassdance.