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Meditations & Ricercars FYC


Album: Meditations & Ricercars

Composer: Dusan Bogdanovic

Performer: Michael Kudirka, Guitar

Record Label: MicroFest Records

Catalog Number: M·F 24

Release date: February 18, 2022

Format: Digital and Compact Disc

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Liner Notes

For Grammy Awards® Consideration.

Meditations & Ricercars

• Best Classical Instrumental Solo

Press Contact: John Schneider

johnoschneider [at] hot mail dot com

Meditations & Ricercars

Solo Guitar Music of Dusan Bogdanovic Michael Kudirka, Guitar


The following recording sums up almost three decades of my work – work which has had diverse routes and focal points in its journey. It is not obvious how to apprehend the changes that my work went through during this long period, but that is exactly what Michael Kudirka has accomplished in this recording; from the meditative In Winter Garden to the full-blooded Lament’s Commentary, he has captured different facets of my music with great transparency and expressive subtlety. While some of my works have been composed with microtonal guitar in mind, Michael has envisioned the entirety of this recording reinterpreted and enriched with microtonal tunings. Here, every piece becomes a unique sound world.

I give my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Michael Kudirka, who has delivered my music here in its authentic spirit.

Dusan Bogdanovic, 2022

“Dusan Bogdanovic continues to prove himself to be one of the true originals of the guitar.” — Soundboard Magazine

“(Michael Kudirka) A leading proponent of new directions in classical guitar music.” — Classical Guitar Magazine

“A really brilliant recording of some of my best pieces…It’s really an ideal version of my music as it exists somewhere in the Platonic universe of ideal things. Beautiful!” — Dusan Bogdanovic

Track Listing

|1| Levantine Suite | I. Prelude

|2| Levantine Suite | II. Dance

|3| Levantine Suite | III. Cantilenza

|4| Levantine Suite | IV. Passacaglia

|5| Levantine Suite | V. Postlude

|6| Lament

|7| In Winter Garden | I. Adagio Rubato

|8| In Winter Garden | II. Rubato Espressivo

|9| In Winter Garden | III. Ad Libitum, Spazioso

|10| In Winter Garden | IV. Andante Caminando

|11| In Winter Garden | V. Adagio Rubato E Transparente

|12| Three Ricercars | I. Moderato

|13| Three Ricercars | II. Lento

|14| Three Ricercars | III. Moderato

|15| Lament’s Commentary

|16| Ex Ovo

|17| Village Music | I. Quasi Improvvisando

|18| Village Music | II. Moderato Ritmico

|19| Two Blue Meditations | I. Quasi Improvvisando

|20| Two Blue Meditations | II. Moderato Ritmico

|21| Two Blue Ricercars | I. Trasparente

|22| Two Blue Ricercars | II. Adagio